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Company technical personnel to participate in four new national standards Publicizing training courses training

Carbon steel electrode, low alloy steel electrode, stainless steel electrode and determination of diffusible hydrogen method "four new national standard Publicizing training course was held in Weihai Four new national standards Publicizing training courses held in Weihai City, Shandong Province, from 16 to 19 October 2012 carbon steel electrode, low alloy steel electrodes, stainless steel welding rod and

The company passed the CCS quality management system certification review

November 12, China Classification Society Quality Management System Audit Expert Group external audit announced at the last meeting, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and marine product quality assurance capability system certification review. November 11 to November 12, the China Classification Society Quality Management System Audit Expert Group, the company quality management,

Company through the standardization of production safety acceptance

Safety production standardization evaluation agency expert group commissioned by cities and counties Safety Supervision Bureau in the morning of November 9th, MSC high-tech zone safety supervision by the relevant personnel accompanied my company compliance and acceptance of safety standardization.The Group began seriously listen to the reporting of the company responsible for the standardization work, subsequently

Carry out knowledge of fire training and drills to increase the self-help self-care skills

order to improve the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company, and to enhance the ability to guard against self-defense, self-help, escape, and effectively avoid accidents of fire safety. Our organization all staff the fire knowledge training and exercises.Training, the person in charge of production safety elaborate on the use
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